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27 Avenue Mitendi

Quartier Mitendi

Commune de Mont Ngafula ,  Kinshasa DRC

AFDECO - Social affairs registration certificate number 01/DUAS/B2/080/08


AFDECO or Action de la femme pour le development communautaire , is a non-governmental organization registered in may 2006 .

Set up by Mrs Helene Umba in order to promote the intrinsic values of woman and the rights of vulnerable children

It promotes the development of Congolese women and children


Afdeco carries out its activities throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo  with representations in the different  provinces

Afdeco is open to partnerships and signs agreements with local organizations and foreign structures that agree to support it in its mission, without requiring any direction contrary to its policy.
Relationships are exchanges, technical or other support (financing, consulting) in the field of development

With the associations, AFDECO establishes the working relations and accompanying actions that can benefit the majority of the disadvantaged population

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